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Friday, April 5, 2013


Actually i want to story about it last two or three days
but as i have no enough time to open
and visit my virtual diary
i decide to create these beautiful memories here
about "the triple winning" that we got
firstly, before going for SUKAD handball
we ESS won the best stall for TERANI (temasya Nurani)
with we spent our weekend holiday for the most tiring event
worth it we got  the prized
thanks to all my classmates for your contribution to collect some
money for our dinner
can't wait for Soyah coming back
we want to open and eat this hamper together

for SUKAD (sukan antara desasiswa) handball
we won the gold medal..!! yeay..
both of USMKK team made it into final
but at last we as Nuranian won the gold medal
whereas Murni won the silver medal
to my awesome team members
congratulation as you guys played the most awesome games ever
we won straight all the games
its really gives me a plenty of memories
even i got chance to enter the games only once
and the most touching was when coach said "just at least let tiekah hold the ball"
as we leading 11-0 with Saujana B
oh coach, you make me feel like crying
but at the same time i'm really thankful
at least i got a chance to hold the ball
and i tried my best to help my team members even though 
i know that we were winning already
thanks team members for letting me hold the ball
thanks coach for trained me well
i'll never give up playing handball

the most precious memories for me

USMKK we are the BEST
the last winning is Jeng..Jeng..Jeng..
we won first place for Battle Of Muslimah Band (BOMB)
like Ana said it worth winning as we compete with all juniors
we are the oldest group there..haha
you guys really awesome
i never thought that we will win first place
alhamdulillah it was great memories before we grad
Alif Ila Ya
together we achieve it..!

want to improve my English..hehe
tapi Bahasa Melayu tidak dilupa
Bahasa jiwa bangsa
peace no war..=)

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