Maksudnya : Wahai Tuhan kami! Kami telah beriman, maka ampunilah bagi kami dan kasihanilah akan kami dan sesungguhnya Engkau sebaik-baik orang yang pengasih.

Friday, November 24, 2017

UPSR Story

Remind me of my UPSR year 14 years ago
How hardworking i was at that time
Abandon my love to sports
Just to focus on study

After school time
Always studying together with both my boyfriends
Continue with extra class
Then going home just for refreshing
Going to my bff since year one
For study group from before Asar until before Maghrib
With my lovely 6 girls

When a few naughty boys came and disturbing us
We went away from them and end up on rooftop of mosque
Still, the boys came and disturb us again
We end up inside of mosque ceiling
My dear bff fell down into the mosque after stepping on soft ceiling
How shocked we were at that time
Thought it will end after all of us getting out of the ceiling
I'm also followed my friend
Fell down into the mosque 😅
What a painful yet unforgettable memories for us

We still always studying together after that incident
No words can describe how hard i studied
Abandon all my childhood games
Spending all my times to study
Just because i never got full A's at my exams
That was such a beautiful and wonderful memories to keep

It worth tho
I got all A's in UPSR
All my effort paid back
My study group boys and girls
Also got a decent results
Happy moment for all of us

What a great and wonderful moment
Our 12 years old year
That will never turned back
Thanks for the memories
And thanks for the friendship we shared

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thank You Teachers

Firstly, thank you
For all the love i have received
For all the effort you give to me
For all the lesson i have learned
For being with me through thin and thick
For guiding me what life was
For being such a great parent to me

Thank you
For the past 26 years of joy, sadness, pain we share
For always cheerish my years
For always love and care about me
For always there when i need help
For always make me feel great and lucky
For always being a wonderful siblings

Thank you
For the love i received these past years
For supporting me since i was child
For making me know what a family meant
For creating such a great environment in my growing up days
For always being there and teaching me new things everyday
For being such a loving big family to me

Thank you
For teaching me how to read Quran
For always patient teaching me since Alif..Ba..Ta
For guiding me from Iqra' until finish the whole Quran
For always make me remind of your goodness
For being such a great great Quran teacher to me my late Mok Moh (Al-Fatihah)

Thank you
For all of your effort since i was 5 years old
For teaching me from ABC to can read the whole Bacalah Sayang books
For always care about me in school
For always make me be friends with others
For teaching me how innocent child was
For always remember me until now
For being such a great teachers in my Tadika days

Thank you
For teaching me reading, writing, listening to more complicated things
For teaching me to be competitive
For teaching me what a girls should and shouldn't do
For make me learn to help others in need
For always chasing away my laziness
For advising me how to make agood friends
For making me realize what  effort can make different in my life
For creating such a wonderful memories with you and friends
For being a great teachers in my primary school days

Thank you
For teaching me more religious thing that i don't know
For always trust me when i'm down
For supporting me whenever i need help
For teaching me what future life was
For making me learned from mistake
For all the lesson as an adult you give me
For teaching me to make a big descision in life
For always reminding me to go back time
For creating a moment that i will never forget
For being a good teachers in my secondary school days
For keeping me and supporting me as a second intake student
For trusting me that i will achieve more than the other clever student
For always praising me and make me feel great when i answer something in class
For never ending teaching me the thing i can't solve
For teaching me what effort can make differences in someones life
For creating a great student-lecturer relationship with me
For being such a helpful lecturers to me during my matriculation days

Thank you
For always teaching me new things
For being patient with us, naughty ESS students
For teaching me with all your effort for the 4 years
For keep supporting me when i'm down and broke into tears that days
For make me understand how important sports and fitness in our daily life
For always being a great lecturers since my USM days

Thank you
For teaching me what working life was
For make me learning and standing on my own
For trusting me a big project
For trusting my ability and keep on teaching me how to make descision
For always creating a great environment and fun
For being my first working teachers

Thank you
For always there with me through up and down
For teaching me what love and friendship is
For always loving me
For teaching me love, joy, pain, sadness and most importantly friendship we share
For always remember me even we are seldom contacting with each other
For the love i received even some of you already married
For creating a great and wonderful memories with me for more than 10 years
For being more than great friends to me

Happy teachers day to all of my important persons in my life
As for me, all of you are still a teacher for me
Teaching me what love, effort, friendship and mostly about life
Thank you for being there with me

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

15 Years Stalker

Its outside of our classroom
The first time i saw you
Smiling and tagging along with your friends
In a blue school uniform
Smiling showing both of your sweet dimple
I know that day - i had fallen for you

I never was struck before that hour
With love so sudden and sweet
Your face bloomed like a sweet flower
And stole my heart away completely
I never imagine that i would have a strong feeling for you
I never thought i would get butterflies in my stomach
The moment someone mentions your name
I never thought i would dream and miss you since that day

Always, i found a way to see you everyday
Waiting at the back school gate every Wednesday
Knowing, that the day you have task as a school prefect
Queuing at the end of the line in our class
Even i'm one of the shortest
Just to see your smile
As you were in the first line of your class
Find a reason to talk to my best friend
Since she was in your class - just to see you
No problem being teased by your most naughty friend
Only to see you smiling beside him
Always do silly things
To attract your attention - just want you to see me

Playing recorder in music class while eyeing on the opened door
Happiest day seeing you scrambled along the crowd just to see us
Going back from school late
Only to see you going back first
Was the happiest person 
When you decide to follow the school trip
Tailing you all the time during the trip
Such a stalker i am 👀

We went separate way during high school
Until now, we never met
Seeing you in your media social
Make me fall for you again
As people said first love, not easy to forget
I think it is true enough
Well, i hope you are always good, healthy
And happy in your life
I still hope we will meeting each other one day 😍
Happy Belated Birthday to you 

your 15 years stalker

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hi Again

We meet again
After almost 4 years in silent. I've decided to start blogging again. Yeay!
Well, the past 4 years. I've going through up and down of my life.
Well taken maybe. As i'm doing very well now.
Hoping the best for my future.
Alright! I think thats all for now.
Till we meet again 😊

Tiekah ❤

Sunday, June 16, 2013


tika aku masih kecil..aku sentiasa menantikan kepulanganmu
kerna tika itu abah jauh di selatan mencari rezeki
walau masa tu dapat jumpa abah 2/3 kali setahun
kami adik beradik tetap dekat dengan abah
mungkin kerinduan mendekatkan kami

tika abah pulang untuk sentiasa terus bersama kami
3 tahun yang lalu
aku orang yang paling gembira
kerna abah akan sentiasa dekat dengan kami adik beradik
syukur alhamdulillah..adik-adik tidak merasa seperti mana
yang aku rasa aku kecil..berjauhan dengan abah

tika sahabat-sahabatku datang kerumah
abah diam..tak kata apa-apa
tapi dalam diam abah tanya 'ma, tu sapo?'
masa itu ma pasti jawab 'tu saing2 along..dah macam anak angkat ma dah'
aku tahu jauh disudut hati abah..abah ingin kenal mereka lebih dekat

tika aku jatuh..abah sentiasa ada menemaniku
aku gembira tiap-tiap pagi bila abah tak bekerja
abah akan masuk bilik aku dan adik
mengacau kami tidur..mncium dan menggeletek aku dan adik

kalau dulu aku segan bila abah mencium pipiku
saat menghantar aku ketempat belajar
sekarang aku bangga
kerna aku punya abah sepertimu

k.long doakan abah sentiasa sihat
dimurahkan rezeki
dan sentiasa dibawah rahmat Allah selalu
semoga abah dekat dengan kami selalu
terima kasih sentiasa ada untuk k.long dan adik-adik
k.long saye abah..!


Friday, April 5, 2013


Actually i want to story about it last two or three days
but as i have no enough time to open
and visit my virtual diary
i decide to create these beautiful memories here
about "the triple winning" that we got
firstly, before going for SUKAD handball
we ESS won the best stall for TERANI (temasya Nurani)
with we spent our weekend holiday for the most tiring event
worth it we got  the prized
thanks to all my classmates for your contribution to collect some
money for our dinner
can't wait for Soyah coming back
we want to open and eat this hamper together

for SUKAD (sukan antara desasiswa) handball
we won the gold medal..!! yeay..
both of USMKK team made it into final
but at last we as Nuranian won the gold medal
whereas Murni won the silver medal
to my awesome team members
congratulation as you guys played the most awesome games ever
we won straight all the games
its really gives me a plenty of memories
even i got chance to enter the games only once
and the most touching was when coach said "just at least let tiekah hold the ball"
as we leading 11-0 with Saujana B
oh coach, you make me feel like crying
but at the same time i'm really thankful
at least i got a chance to hold the ball
and i tried my best to help my team members even though 
i know that we were winning already
thanks team members for letting me hold the ball
thanks coach for trained me well
i'll never give up playing handball

the most precious memories for me

USMKK we are the BEST
the last winning is Jeng..Jeng..Jeng..
we won first place for Battle Of Muslimah Band (BOMB)
like Ana said it worth winning as we compete with all juniors
we are the oldest group there..haha
you guys really awesome
i never thought that we will win first place
alhamdulillah it was great memories before we grad
Alif Ila Ya
together we achieve it..!

want to improve my English..hehe
tapi Bahasa Melayu tidak dilupa
Bahasa jiwa bangsa
peace no war..=)

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Tanpa Agama

Tanpa agama manusia binasa
Tanpa ilmu manusia buta
Tanpa iman manusia sengsara
Tanpa ukhuwah manusia terseksa

Ada agama datangnya pelita
Ada ilmu datangnya harta
Ada harta datangnya derma
Ada ukhuwah datangnya saudara

Agama Tuhan dapat membina
Pekerti tinggi budi mulia
Seluruh dunia negara dan bangsa
Aman sentosa damai bahagia

Agama Islam agama yang suci
Mari bersama kita hayati
Untuk mendapat keredhaan Ilahi
Mudah-mudahan kita diberkati

Tiada tuhan kecuali Allah
Tuhan yang Esa lagi Pemurah
Nabi Muhammad utusan Allah
Hindarkan dari jalan yang salah

tengok lirik lagu ni teringat nasyid zaman sekolah rendah
Konsert Rabbani malam ni
terjumpa lirik lagu yang akan dinyanyikan
terus mengimbau memori nasyid sekolah rendah dulu
ah...betapa rindunya waktu itu..
lirik yang memberi makna yang sangat mendalam
teringin nak pergi dengar balik lagu ni
tapi sempat ke?
bertolak pergi induk pukul 11.00malam
macam tak sempat je..huhu