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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

15 Years Stalker

Its outside of our classroom
The first time i saw you
Smiling and tagging along with your friends
In a blue school uniform
Smiling showing both of your sweet dimple
I know that day - i had fallen for you

I never was struck before that hour
With love so sudden and sweet
Your face bloomed like a sweet flower
And stole my heart away completely
I never imagine that i would have a strong feeling for you
I never thought i would get butterflies in my stomach
The moment someone mentions your name
I never thought i would dream and miss you since that day

Always, i found a way to see you everyday
Waiting at the back school gate every Wednesday
Knowing, that the day you have task as a school prefect
Queuing at the end of the line in our class
Even i'm one of the shortest
Just to see your smile
As you were in the first line of your class
Find a reason to talk to my best friend
Since she was in your class - just to see you
No problem being teased by your most naughty friend
Only to see you smiling beside him
Always do silly things
To attract your attention - just want you to see me

Playing recorder in music class while eyeing on the opened door
Happiest day seeing you scrambled along the crowd just to see us
Going back from school late
Only to see you going back first
Was the happiest person 
When you decide to follow the school trip
Tailing you all the time during the trip
Such a stalker i am 👀

We went separate way during high school
Until now, we never met
Seeing you in your media social
Make me fall for you again
As people said first love, not easy to forget
I think it is true enough
Well, i hope you are always good, healthy
And happy in your life
I still hope we will meeting each other one day 😍
Happy Belated Birthday to you 

your 15 years stalker

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