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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Praise to Allah
today is the last day in 2011
a lot of things i have done in this year
sweet sour bitter memories
without His authority, i thought i can't
faced all the challenges that have given for me
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah
i'm growing to be a good girl, daughter, students
and the most important is a muslimah
which can 'beribadah kepada Allah'
during these year so many things
no matter right or wrong
i have done without realize the year
end very fast
Oh Allah..
i am 21 tomorrow even its not my birthday yet
i didn't realize that i grown up this fast
i thought i just enter standard one yesterday
but, thank to Allah
because make me become like
who i am today
thank to my parents, family, friends and all
people beside me for guiding me facing
life for these 20 years
i also want to take this chance to apologize
if i have done any mistake during these past years
lastly, hope 2012 will be our great year
as we can add on our 'ibadah'
our 'ilmu' and become a good muslimah
besides being an excellent student

p/s : 2012 please be nice to me.. and hope i will become full of guts

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